I know what to expect at school


Do you know a child who needs help to understand the structure of the school day or to plan and complete activities?

Would you like to improve their independence, communication and behaviour at school?

Kit contains:

at school visual timetable contents
WARNING: Please note – TomTag is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.



A visual timetable of the day ahead is a great way to help a child who needs to know what to expect and what order things will happen. Predicatability reduces anxieties and helps them to concentrate better on their work. When there’s a change to the normal routine (for example, off-timetable events such as sports days, concerts, school trips) it’s easy to add to or replace the symbols in a TomTag schedule. 

Children can often get stressed or upset and display negative behaviour when they’re expected to transition between activities without any warning or preparation. Clear visual prompts that show events and activities in the order they will happen help children to anticipate the changes and transition better. 

Verbal instructions can be difficult to recall but a visual reminder provides consistent and easily accessible instruction which encourages independence and personal responsibility. FIRST-THEN prompts are a good starting point for teaching sequencing and encouraging task completion, particularly for less-preferred activities e.g. FIRST spellings, THEN playtime.

This kit also includes behaviour-related symbols which can be useful in promoting appropriate personal behaviour and teaching social rules in the classroom. TomTag can also be used as a reward tool.

Typical users might include:

  • Children and young people with communication difficulties
  • Children and young people with developmental disabilities
  • Visual learners (common in individuals with autism)
  • Anyone with executive functioning (memory and organisation) difficulties (eg. dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD)

A great idea! Everything is ready and no faffy laminating and Velcro! Really impressed.

Emma, Teaching Assistant, Sheffield

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standard kit, plus My School Kit stickers