I know what to expect at appointments


Do you need to take a child with autism, sensory issues or communication difficulties to appointments at the doctor, hospital, dentist, optician, therapist or hairdresser?

Ease the stress and prepare ahead for health-related and hair appointments with this easy to use TomTag kit.

Kit contents:

WARNING: Please note – TomTag is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.


Going to new or unfamiliar places can involve surprises and unpredictability. Visual timelines can help to prepare and explain what’s going to happen during visits and ease anxieties.

Medical appointments and haircuts are very common problem areas for sensory issues. Unfamiliar tools and the need for proximity and touch can be particularly frightening but visual prompts can help with discussions and preparing for what will happen and why. 

Taking a visual reminder checklist along to the appointment can be reassuring and help with calming and focus.

Typical users might include:

  • Visual learners (common in individuals with autism)
  • Children and young people with communication difficulties
  • Children and young people with developmental disabilities

What we love is that many of our kids are visual thinkers and TomTag uses a strength to support a possible area of weakness.

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