I can do it – manage my feelings


A great communication tool. Choosing a symbol from a list is an easier way to show how we’re feeling than using speech to try to explain or where an individual is non-verbal.

Symbols can be used to explain aches and pains and what part of the body is hurting. They’re also good for identifying problems and issues when associated with focus or behaviour changes.

Communication can be particularly difficult when senses are overloaded so keeping a symbol list handy can help to identify the cause as well as being a useful reminder of appropriate ways to calm or cope. 

Kit contents:

  • 6 button holders
  • 40 blank buttons
  • 1 attachment loop
  • Feelings & Emotions sticker pack
  • Optional: 1 I can do it share how I feel tag

Typical users might include:

  • Any child aged 3 upwards
  • Non-verbal children
  • Children and young people with communication or developmental difficulties
  • Anyone who has difficulty expressing and understanding their feelings and emotions

Related advice:

WARNING: Please note – TomTag is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Symbol images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002-2014 www.widgit.com. All other images (C) Orkid Ideas Limited 2016




Additional information

Kit type

standard kit, plus Share how I feel tag

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