I know what to expect at school

Do you know a child who needs help to understand the structure of the school day, to plan and complete activities? Would you like to improve their independence, communication and behaviour at school?

school i know today w bI KNOW what to expect today

A visual timetable of the day ahead tells me what to expect and in what order it will happen. When my day is predicatable, it stops me getting anxious and I can concentrate better on my work.

I can add or replace the symbols in my TomTag schedule really quickly and easily which helps me to know when there will be changes to my normal routine.

school i know what next w bI KNOW what to expect next

When I have to change activities without any preparation I can get stressed or upset and this might affect my behaviour too. With clear visual prompts that show events and activities in the order they will happen, I can anticipate the changes and transition better.

I can also find it easier to do something that’s not on my ususal timetable (sports days, concerts, school trips, etc.) if I prepare for it using my visual schedule.

school i know need to do w bI KNOW what I need to do

It can be difficult for me to recall instructions that I have heard but having a visual reminder makes it much easier to remember the detail and then I can learn to be independent and do things by myself.

There are some activities I don’t like to do but FIRST-THEN prompts can help me to complete these tasks. I can see that FIRST I have to do the activity I prefer less but THEN I can do something I like afterwards. (eg. FIRST spellings, THEN play time). This system can also help me to understand sequencing and order.

school i know how behave w bI KNOW how I should behave

When I’m at school I have to learn to be nice to the other children and know when to sit still or line up. I can look at TomTag to check what the rules are then I’m more confident that I will be able to remember what to do.

My teacher sometimes puts a gold star sticker at the end of my tag so that I know I’ve done a good job when I’ve finished the task on my list.

Typical users include:

  • Children and young people with communication difficulties
  • Children and young people with developmental disabilities
  • Visual learners (common in individuals with autism)
  • Anyone with executive functioning (memory and organisation) difficulties (eg. dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD)

A great idea! Everything is ready and no faffy laminating and Velcro! Really impressed.

Emma, Teaching Assistant, Sheffield

This set contains:

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1 tag with 6 ready-prepared buttons showing the following symbols:

register, lesson, work time, play time, lunchtime, circle time  

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I know what to expect – first and then

  • 20 blank buttons
  • 2 sturdy plastic tags
  • 20 blank buttons
  • 3 word stickers (First, Next, Then)
  • 17 symbols (plus 4 blank for personalisation): lesson, play time, work time, circle time, home time, snack time, lunch time, story, spellings, numeracy, reading, writing, sport, computer time, be quiet, sit nicely, reward star

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i know what to expect at school contents

Simply pick – stick – click and you’re ready in minutes to start helping your child towards a better school day with TomTag.

pick a stickerPICK out the symbol stickers that illustrate the activities, events or tasks that you want to list. This pack contains 2 copies each of over 80 different Widgit symbols – view them all in the gallery below.

All TomTag stickers are water-resistant so you never need to worry about spills and splashes or using TomTag outdoors. Every pack comes with a small number of blank stickers for you to add your own personalisation if needed.

stick it on a buttonSTICK each sticker onto a blank button. Involving the child with this process (most of them love stickers after all!) will help to engage them in using TomTag.

Write the name of the routine, day or event on one of the rectangular labels provided (eg Monday, TA time, etc.). Decide which coloured tag you want to use and place the label in the slot at the bottom of the tag.

click it in a tagCLICK each button into an empty space of the chosen tag. Start at the top of the tag and work downwards when the order of activities or events is relevant. There are 6 sturdy plastic tags in this set so you can use a different one for each day of the week, give one tag to each child or list several routines or tasks at once.

TomTag’s unique click-in buttons stay securely in place when in use but can easily be removed, repositioned and reused to modify a list or create new ones.

psc ready 1 wREADY to use right away. With TomTag, there’s no printing, laminating or Velcro which saves you time AND money. It’s simply less fuss and more fun!

With the attachment loop provided TomTag can be fastened to clothing or a school bag to be carried easily by the child, teaching assistant or teacher or placed on a hook so it can be easily found.

Symbols included in this set:

Symbol images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002-2014 www.widgit.com. All other images (C) Orkid Ideas Limited 2016
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