How it works

Everything’s ready to go with TomTag’s colourful, sturdy tags, click-in buttons and symbol stickers. Forget the faffy printing, laminating and Velcro! All you need to do is personalise it – just pick, stick, click and off you go.

Every schedule, timetable or checklist you need to make starts with just one or more colourful tags and a pack of blank buttons. All the TomTag symbols have been grouped together into categories relating to a specific topic, skill or area of life.

  • Pick the symbols that are going to help your child with the difficulties they have or areas you want to work on
  • Stick each symbol to a blank button
  • Click these into the tag in the order that they should be followed

When you need to change your list or make something new, just pick-stick-click again … and again … and again!

Click Choose your TomTag to browse our full range of products or I need support with for help with choosing the right TomTag options for you, based on the issues you’re particularly struggling with right now or areas where you need most support.