All About TomTag

The TomTag system is simple to use yet so versatile. 

Every schedule, timetable or checklist you need to make starts with just one or more colourful tags and a pack of blank buttons.

  • Pick the symbols that are going to help your child with the difficulties they have or areas you want to work on
  • Stick each symbol to a blank button
  • Click these into the tag in the order that they should be followed

When you need to change your list or make something new, just pick-stick-click again … and again … and again!

Total freedom

Choose any symbol sticker pack (or more than one) and combine with tags, buttons and accessories from our pick and mix catalogue to create your own unique kit. 

Start small

In our mini-kit range, we’ve chosen a few symbols from a sticker pack and combined them with just one or two tags – these are great as a trial or sample kit.

Bundle benefits

Choose a pre-packed kit to use at home, at school or when you’re going places. These kits bring together a symbol sticker pack with a set combination of tags, buttons and loops, and a saving of 10% on standard pick & mix prices. You can easily add on extra components or sticker packs, either now or later.  

‘How to use’ guides

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