I know what to expect at appointments

Do you need to take a child with autism, sensory issues or communication difficulties to appointments at the doctor, dentist, hairdresser or other professional?

Ease the stress and prepare ahead for health-related and hair appointments with this easy to use TomTag kit.

appointments i know expect w bI KNOW what to expect

If I go somewhere new and don’t know what to expect I can get quite worried because I don’t like surprises and things that are unpredictable. A visual timeline will help me to prepare and understand what’s going to happen during the visit so I don’t need to get anxious.

appointments i know equip w bI KNOW about equipment

Dentists and doctors use unusual tools and gadgets that I might not have seen before.  When I’ve seen these on my TomTag list before I go, I can understand when the doctor might use them and why.

I can be very sensitive about being touched but I can prepare that this might happen and talk about it before I go if I see it on my visual list.

appointments i know what to do w bI KNOW what to do

It can be difficult for me to recall what I have been told so having a visual reminder makes it much easier to remember the detail. I can easily take TomTag along with me to my appointment and check it again whilst I’m there.

appointments i know cope w bI KNOW how to cope

It can be overwhelming for me when I go somewhere new with different sights, sounds and smells. Having my visual reminder checklist with me can help to keep me calm and focus on what I need to do. I like to take my comfort toy with me – TomTag can remind me to take that along too!

Typical users include:

  • Visual learners (common in individuals with autism)
  • Children and young people with communication difficulties
  • Children and young people with developmental disabilities

What we love is that many of our kids are visual thinkers and TomTag uses a strength to support a possible area of weakness.

– Aukids magazine

This set contains:

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i know what to expect at appointments contents

Simply pick – stick – click and you’re ready in minutes to start preparing your child for their next appointment with TomTag.

psc pick w PICK out the symbol stickers that show the places, items and events you need to list. This pack contains 2 copies each of over 70 different Widgit symbols – view them all in the gallery below

All TomTag stickers are water-resistant so you never need to worry about spills and splashes or using TomTag outdoors. Every pack comes with a small number of blank stickers for you to add your own personalisation if needed.

stick it on a buttonSTICK each sticker onto a blank button. Involving the child with this process (most of them love stickers after all!) will help to engage them in using TomTag.

Write the name of the place you are visiting on one of the rectangular labels provided (eg Dr Foster, dentist, etc.). Decide which coloured tag you want to use and place the label in the slot at the bottom of the tag.

click it in a tagCLICK each button into an empty space of the chosen tag. Start at the top of the tag and work downwards when the order of events is relevant.

TomTag’s unique click-in buttons stay securely in place when in use but can easily be removed, repositioned and reused to modify a list or create new ones.

tomtag ready to goREADY to use right away. With TomTag, there’s no printing, laminating or Velcro which saves you time AND money. It’s simply less fuss and more fun!

With the attachment loop provided you can fasten TomTag to a bag or clothing and take it with you as a handy reminder on your visit.

Symbols included in this set:

Symbol images produced under licence from Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002-2014 www.widgit.com. All other images (C) Orkid Ideas Limited 2016

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