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TomTag is the quick, easy and no-fuss way to make personalised picture schedules, timetables and checklists.

It’s portable, robust and fun to use with no printing, laminating or Velcro!

i know what to expect collage visual timetables

Choose from the I KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT range for visual timetables and schedules that help to support daily life at home, school or going out.

I know what to expect at home

I know what to expect at school

I know what to expect at appointments

I know what to expect going away

I know what to expect at Christmas & birthdays *


I know what to expect going shopping 

i want to choose collage

TomTag’s uniquely flexible system gives you the freedom to choose the product that meets your needs and use it your own way.

See how it works and get some ideas

then choose from our Pick & Mix range of tags, buttons, loops and a wide selection of symbol sticker packs


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