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Our aim is to encourage children of all abilities to grow into orkids – that’s ORganised KIDS!

Most of us rely on lists and reminders in many forms to help us in our everyday lives – shopping lists, calendars, sticky notes, to-do lists at work or in the home. These visual cues help us to organise and keep our busy lives running more smoothly.

Being organised reduces stress and anxiety, saves time and helps us to be more efficient. It’s never too early to learn good habits and there’s simply no reason why children can’t use visual reminders in their own lives in the same way that we do.

Providing children with the tools to become more organised helps them to develop their independence, confidence and self-esteem. It also makes life so much easier for us, the people who look after them!

TomTag is a very flexible visual aid resource. By adding your choice of images or words to a set of TomTag blank tags and buttons you can easily create your own unique visual tool. TomTag buttons are removable and reusable so the options really are endless.

Read on to find out how to use TomTag as a school bag checklist tool or as a visual schedule or timetable.

backpackThe cool tool that helps kids

pack their bag for school

One of the most stressful parts of a parent’s day is often the school morning routine. Searching for lost homework, packing PE kits, remembering to pick up lunch packs and coats – it’s a hassle we can all do without. It can also be very distressing for a child who arrives at school having forgotten things they needed to bring.

Establishing a regular routine helps all the family. TomTag gives children their own personal checklist of things they need to remember to pack. It’s easy and fun to use and children will feel more confident knowing they have everything they need.

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visual schedule tagsThe visual schedule with

‘tags’ of personality!

Visual schedules and visual timetables are commonly used to support children and adults with a variety of special educational needs or neurological conditions who are thought to be visual learners. These groups often experience greater difficulties with planning and organisation too. 

Visual aids – like TomTag – can help to structure routines, provide consistent cues and teach skills for basic routines. They’re great for increasing independence and reducing anxiety for many individuals with special needs.

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